Accommodation and restaurant Náchod - MG Slavie

Welcome to webpages of Hotel and Restaurant Slavie, which was opened in July 2005 in a rebuilt house, built in 1927 as a hotel "Kohout". Building returned to its first purpose after 50years. Before its returning, it was Mr. Ruben´s holding and teher was a hostel. Hotel is very good situated. Near to hotel is a histirical centre of Náchod - about 5 minutes by foots. On a hill near to square is a renaissance-baroque castle, from which is really nice view of wide surroundings. Few miles from the hotel is a Jirásek hut and stronghold Dobrošov. Its ideal place for summer trips. In winter, you can visit snowpark Číhalka and winter centre Deštné in Eagle Mountains.

In the object, you can find a restaurant, hotel and a closet used as a gallery. Capacity of the gallery is 70 persons. It is ideal place for arranging private actions.

You can find there large-screen conic projection, where you can watch football or ice-hockey, wifi connection, gourmets can make a choice of 11 kinds od beers - from Irish beer Guiness to Náchod´s Primátor. We offer you roast pork rigatoni every Thursday and three midday menu every day. If you are satisfied with our menu, you can book a room or table here.